FastballBSF® Demo Game
January 14th  11am – 2pm
Folsom Kemp Field

Team Phoenix Bats vs. Folsom Community Team
Everyone is invited! Come join us!

Tournament Schedule and Information

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AACS/FastballBSF® League Information

Mather, CA
Location: Mather Sports Comlex
"Phoenix Bats Friday Night Lights"
Friday Nights
Beginning March 16
6:00 PM
Game Time Limits: 60 Mins
Minimum 5 Teams
League Fee: $600

Woodland, CA
Location: Woodland Sports Park
"Phoenix Bats Turf Wars"
Sunday/Monday Nights
Beginning March 18th
6:00 PM
Game Time Limits: 60 Mins
Minimum 5 Teams
League Fee: $600

*** All teams must register & roster players at ***
All teams must have team insurance
Tennis shoes must be worn on the turf fields only

All teams advance to single elimination playoff tournament
Maximum 18 players per roster
Player awards for champions
Baseball Softball FastballBSF®

Batting helmets and wood bats

Hit & Run plays and stealing bases

Suicide squeezes on the coaches signal
Overhand pitching to catchers in full gear
  Local Leagues and National Tournaments
Age and Skill Divisions
Most Cost-Effective
One / One-and-a quarter Hour games
Play on numerous softball fields
  Most Affordable medical/liability insurance
          A 9½”– 5 oz (RIF) ball that plays like a baseball  
A fast-paced exciting game with strategy

FastballBSF® Baseball on a Softball Field
is the best of both worlds!

Leagues and tournaments are coming to Mather Sports Complex, Woodland Sports Park, McNair in Stockton, Livermore, Yuba City and Kemp Field in Folsom

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